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→ DEA Official James L. Capra Brought to Tears Over Marijuana Legalization -


“I am talking about the long term impact of legalization in the United States, it scares us. The treatment people are afraid, educationimage people are afraid, law enforcement is scared about what’s going to happen. In every place in the world where this experiment has been tried it has failed time and time again.” - stated Mr. Capra

Mr. Capra might be embarrassed to know that after 10 years of decriminalization efforts, drug use in Portugal is down by half. Other nations have started to follow suit with decriminalization efforts as well like Uruguay. The War On Drugs has proven ineffective at achieving its goal in preventing or decreasing drug use, prisons are more populated than ever with non-violent offenders guilty of miniscule drug violations. Despite these evident failures of the War on Drugs to accomplish its objective, Mr. Capra continues:

“There are more dispensaries in Denver than there are Starbucks. What I’m saying sir is that the idea somehow that people have in our country, some legislators, that this is somehow good for us as a nation, that this is good for the next generation is wrong…”

Capra lives in fear of decriminalization, while contrary to his steadfast assertions against the evil cannabis, there have (ironically) been severe and heinous consequences seen from useless prohibition efforts, and strict drug policies.

“I apologize for my excitement, but this is a bad experiment. It’s a bad, bad experiment. And it’s going to cost the United States in terms of social costs.”

Capra’s transparently, and desperately interested in protecting his own job interests, and in perpetrating the ongoing flow of the cannabis honeypot which funds the asset forfeiture million-dollar-paydays for numerous police departments. From the time of America’s founding, till around the 1930s there were no drug laws, and humorously there wasn’t a nation

full of addicts. Understandably, the basic truth that prohibition is ineffective, is not likely to be accepted by an individual whose occupation revolves around prohibition.